March 22, 2012

Big Orange//Tracking, Mixing & Overdubs//Austin

Big Orange is a music recording space enclosed within a private courtyard in downtown east Austin.  In the building's history it has served as auto-body shop, punk rock squat, and vinyl record pressing plant; though each of the structures on the premises have been converted using whatever original materials could be salvaged, mainly out of economic necessity, and in the spirit of DIY, the space has evolved and transformed into one of the most compelling live rooms in the city. The studio is primarily analog, though a high definition Pro Tools/digital rig is available, if required. The list of artists, producers, and labels who have worked here is wildly varied and extensive.

The live room is 800 sq.-feet with 15-ft.-high ceilings. The space is littered with amplifiers, pianos, keyboards, guitars, and drum sets.

Modular acoustic treatments allow a variety of tracking options. The control room is home to a Calrec MK1 Minimixer (built to BBC spec at the Neve factory in the late 70s/early 80s), as well as a custom-modified Trident Series 24 (36-channel, 24-buss, 8-aux) console, Studer A80 24-track 2-inch tape machine, Studer A80 2-track 1/2-inch tape machine (mixdown), and outboard processors from Urei, Purple Audio, Eventide, Ampex, Telefunken, dbx, and Pultec. Spring reverb, plate reverb, tape echo and digital delay are all available, as are a set of SSL analog-to-digital converters for use with Pro Tools.

Please email if you'd like to talk about a booking. Thank you.