Big Orange was a recording and mixing studio in Austin, Texas, owned and operated by Matt Oliver and Stuart Sikes. After 15 years of continuous operation in two locations, the studio finally closed in April, 2020. Matt and Stuart are both working from private facilities, but the coronavirus pandemic and economic reality made operating a a commercial studio impossible.

An accurate, relaxing, atmospheric and intimate tracking and mixing space. The studio offered a collection of classic outboard gear, effects, tape machines, instruments and microphones, all centered around several recording consoles: a fully restored, 1960s Spectrasonics 16-channel mixing desk; a customized 8-channel Neve 542 broadcast console; and a 24-channel Calrec Minimixer MK1 console, built for the BBC at AMS Neve in the late 70s.

Thousands of artists passed through the studio over the years. If you are interested in reaching Matt or Stuart or have a story to share about the studio please get in touch at
Big Orange